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Chevy Avalanche Owners Manual Pdf

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Chevrolet Avalanche 2007-2012

To limit wheel spin, especially in slippery road conditions, you should always leave the system on. Press this button to turn off the entire climate control system. You can be badly burned and your vehicle damaged if this occurs. In a crash, your body would move too far forward, which would increase the chance of head and neck injury.

Chevrolet Avalanche 2007-2012

As you brake, your computer keeps receiving updates on wheel speed and controls braking pressure accordingly. It can cause unconsciousness and death.

Chevrolet Avalanche Workshop & Owners Manual

You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. With plain water or the wrong mixture, your engine could get too hot but you would not get the overheat warning. With the rear glass tilted toward you, lift it out from the lower window frame channel.

Chevrolet Avalanche Workshop & Owners Manual

You will discover it in some web sites, like Amazon and eBay. Once both glass lock knobs are in the locked position, the rear glass is securely stored. Anchor the top strap to one of the following anchor points. Inspect evaporative control system.

Steering Tips Driving on Curves It is important to take curves at a reasonable speed. Biodegradable and phosphate free.

You can be seriously injured if you wear the shoulder belt under your arm. Backing Up Before you start, check all trailer hitch parts and attachments, safety chains, electrical connector, lamps, tires and mirror adjustment. Page What is the worst time for this?

Turn the knob to move the sound toward the right or the left speakers. Then the light should go out. Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts to which it is fastened, can make wheel nuts become loose after a time. Once unlatched, the glass-catch release button C will catch the rear glass and prevent it from falling forward.

These are some simple functions from the manual. Incorrect wheel nuts or improperly tightened wheel nuts can cause the wheel to come loose and even come off. Batteries have acid that can burn you and gas that can explode. Anytime your oil is changed, reset the system so it can calculate when the next oil change is required.

Chevrolet Owners Manual

The cargo mat has cutouts for the drains. One example is, it may possibly display you ways to connect the gadget via Bluetooth or the entry for other supporting capabilities and technologies.

Attach the bag to the cargo tie downs as shown. If this happens, there are some things you should do, and there are some things you must not do. Have you checked all levels? Rust or dirt on the wheel, or on the parts to which it is fastened, can make the wheel nuts become loose after a time.

Chevrolet Avalanche 2002-2006

Fuel Gage Fuel Gage United States When the ignition is on, the fuel gage tells you about how much fuel you have left in your tank. Your vehicle may be equipped with two accessory power outlets located on the instrument panel. Look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. This position reduces the chance of a neck injury in a crash.

This is especially useful in slippery road conditions. Lubricate chassis components. Before storing the cargo panels, be sure that the latches are in the locked position. Tilt the retainer at the end of the cable and pull it through the wheel opening. If your vehicle has a rear window defogger, it will also operate when you press this button.

Many people could inquire the urgency of manual books. The radio may switch to stronger stations.

As car owner, you should bring the car to obtain normal providers and maintenance, and all of these data are recorded in the manual. Tire Size Tire Size The following examples show the different parts of a tire size. Even, after you are getting new vehicle, you can get the manual.

You stop over more distance, and your strongest bones take the forces. Chrome Cleaner and Use on chrome or Polish stainless steel. Some are dangerous if you breathe their fumes in a closed space. For reasons like these, you need to decide carefully whether to try to drive across an incline.


The horn will chirp the second time you press the button with the unlock symbol on the remote keyless entry transmitter. See Scheduled Maintenance on page for more information. Off-road driving can be great fun.

Chevy Avalanche Owners Manual Pdf