2007 Kia Sedona Owners Manual Pdf

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Pull the lever backwards once are varied to upshift automatically. First, Kia is the oldest car company in Korea. At this time, an authorized Kia dealer. The correct lubricants also help promote engine efficiency that results in Always be sure to clean the area around any filler plug, improved fuel economy. This switch operates in any ignition switch position.

KIA Sedona Owner s Manual

This could lead to the loss of the wheel and a collision resulting in serious injuries. Page Wheel deformation also is possible. The function you are trying to perform is not available. Always drive safely and cau- tion, this may indicate a malfunction in tiously. Your Authorized Kia Dealer can assist you in installing the wiring harness.

Inflation and non-inflation conditions of the air bag There are many types of accidents in which the air bag would not be expect- ed to provide additional protection. This warning light indicates the fuel tank Indicator Light in the instrument is nearly empty. Increased speed will not interfere with cruise control operation or change the set speed. The passenger side temperature will be set to the same as the driver side temperature.

Page for example, the engine cle checked by an Authorized Kia Dealer. Page A hot exhaust system can ignite tem. Do not park the vehicle over or dealer. Push in a new fuse of the same rating, and make sure it fits tightly in the clips. With the recirculated air position selected, air from passenger compartment will be drawn through the heating system and heated or cooled according to the function selected.

Once the will reduce wear on brake linings and safety. The lock release button must be depressed while moving the shift lever. Trip odometer B mate number of engine revolutions per engine coolant when the ignition switch minute rpm. Have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealership immediately.

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To prevent the battery from rized Kia Dealer. For Canadian Programming, please fol- low the Canadian Programming section.

Pull the folding strap out of the pocket located under the seat cushion. Page Features of your vehicle Using a cellular phone or a two- way radio When a cellular phone is used inside the vehicle, noise may be produced from the audio equipment.

KIA Sedona Owner s Manual

User ManualKia Sedona Owners Manual

Such a burn to the driver could cause a loss of control of the vehicle. Be sure the parking brake is engaged. This vehicle should not be modified. Never drive forces of a collision. If this happens, re-arm the system as described below.

If the vanity mirror is not closed securely, the lamp will stay on and could result in battery discharge and pos- sible sunvisor damage. Page Always back up slowly Use only an approved trailer wiring har- and, if possible, have someone guide ness.

Lean forward slightly and lift up on the seatback recline lever or strap locat- ed on the outside of the seat at the rear. Set the temperature control to the desired position. If this occurs, have your vehicle checked by an authorized Kia dealer as soon as possi- ble. Page Driving your vehicle Hitches Item kg lbs.

If the hot liquid spills, you could be burned. To turn the automatic operation off, press any button except temperature control button. Set the air intake control to the outside fresh air position. The storage console so may damage the parts. If the remote control still does not work, contact your authorized Kia dealer.

Load on an individual tire due to Kia specifies summer tires on some maximum speed at which a tire can curb and accessory weight plus models to provide superior perform- operate. Drive safely and enjoy your Kia! You will need this drive on worn tires, tires that are information when selecting replace- improperly inflated or on slippery ment tires for your car. All inspections and adjustments flammable items under your vehi- must be made by an authorized Kia cle.

Immobilizer dealer immediately to inspect and repair device. Reinstall in the reverse order of and make sure it fits tightly in the clips. Put the front anchor strikers along the catches into the rear anchors until an front anchors on the floor. Page Otherwise, you may have a prob- conventional brake system.

Kia Sedona Owners Manual Pdf

If it fits loosely, consult an Authorized Kia Dealer. It is a company that has thousands of employees focused on building. Some items must be reset after replacement. Page Bring the ing serious injury.

The information and specifications provided in this manual were accurate at the time of printing. Page If you're unsure about any when you wear jewelry or loose servicing or maintenance procedure, sbi clerical exam book pdf clothing. Never wear the shoulder the protection you need in an portion under the arm or place it accident.

Doing so may damage due to the possibility of excess the surface of the heater or seats. Tighten the strap firmly pulling the strap out of the buckle. To open the rear door, pull the outside door handle or push the main control but- ton of the power sliding door. If an the doors, lock and unlock the glove box aftermarket key is used, the ignition and center console storage if equipped. If the main or sub con- trol button is pushed for power opening operation, the chime sounds once.

Kia Sedona Owners Manual Pdf

This could windows and lock all doors when result in a serious injury. Raise the wiper arm and turn the wiper blade assembly to expose the plastic locking clip. You must stop and obtain addition- al fuel as soon as possible after the warning light comes on or when the gauge indicator comes close to the E level. Page Features of your vehicle Face position Air flow is directed toward the upper body face. If the seatback is returned without holding it, the back of the seat could spring for- ward resulting in accidental injury from being struck by the seatback.