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Lithuanian notice Vartotoj i privai nam ki rangos atliek alinimas Europos Sjungoje is simbolis ant gaminio arba jo pakuots rodo, kad io gaminio alinti kartu su kitomis nam kio atliekomis negalima. Alternating green and amber Port is bypassed. Okamit tdn a recyklace odpadu pome uchovat prodn prosted a zajist takov zpsob recyklace, kter ochrn zdrav a ivotn prosted lovka. Connecting to the Command Line Interface.


Issue the switchEnable command. Type Exit and press Enter to log out of the serial console. The selection of a transmission path through the fabric. Click Download drivers and software. The port that determines the routing paths for all traffic flowing through a trunking group.

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Type switchenable to re-enable the switch. Verifying the configuration. Contact a qualified Taiwanese recycler for proper battery disposal. Rerun diagnostics to verify fix. Verify that the appropriate licenses are installed on the replacement switch.

Or press Enter to accept each default value. Indicates that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or data. The minimum time that the loop master waits for a loop initialization sequence to return. The first seven bits are the common pattern. The gateway address of the first switch should be set to whatever the gateway address is for the subnet on which the first switch resides.

If the product is to be used in another country, purchase a power cord that is approved for use in that country. With respect to a fabric, the communication path between two switches. May also refer to the type of transceiver. Loop initialization primitive. Connecting via a management station.

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Separovan zber a recyklcia vyradench zariaden prispieva k ochrane prrodnch zdrojov a zabezpeuje, e recyklcia sa vykonva spsobom chrniacim udsk zdravie a ivotn prostredie. Verify that the enclosure is powered on. Js atbildat par to, lai nolietots iekrtas tiktu nodotas specili iekrtotos punktos, kas paredzti izmantoto elektrisko un elektronisko iekrtu savkanai otrreizjai prstrdei.

Or, follow the onscreen prompts to change your password now. Seadmete jtmete eraldi kogumine ja ringlussevtmine krvaldamise ajal aitab kaitsta loodusvarasid ning tagada, et ringlussevtmine toimub viisil, mis kaitseb inimeste tervist ning keskkonda. All Fibre Channel ports on the switch are taken offline. Press and hold the cable release.

Informcie o zbernch miestach na recyklciu vyradench zariaden vm poskytne miestne zastupitestvo, spolonos zabezpeujca odvoz domovho odpadu alebo obchod, v ktorom ste si vrobok zakpili. Avoid hand contact by transporting and storing products in static-safe containers. The product does not emit hazardous light.

An identifier that is unique worldwide. Listietoja paikoista, joihin hvitettvt laitteet voi toimittaa kierrtettvksi, saa ottamalla yhteytt jtehuoltoon tai liikkeeseen, josta tuote on ostettu. Releasing the installation handle.

The transmission of data from a single source to all devices in the fabric, regardless of zoning. See tootel vi selle pakendil olev smbol nitab, et knealust toodet ei tohi koos teiste majapidamisjtmetega krvaldada. Connected to a port that is not loop capable and is using fabric protocol. Loop master time-out value. Diagnostic tests can temporarily lock the transmit and receive speed of the links during diagnostic testing.

Separat insamling och tervinning av avfallet hjlper till att spara p vra naturresurser och gr att avfallet tervinns p ett stt som skyddar mnniskors hlsa och miljn. Ten symbol na produkcie lub jego opakowaniu oznacza, e produktu nie wolno wyrzuca do zwykych pojemnikw na mieci. For information on available diagnostic tests, type diagHelp. Save the configuration file.

See also defined zone configuration, enabled zone configuration. Om den hr symbolen visas p produkten eller frpackningen betyder det att produkten inte fr slngas p samma stlle som hushllssopor.

Telnet to the switch and issue firmwaredownload at the command line. Backing up the configuration. Scroll down to the firmware section of the web page and locate the Firmware table. Consists of a start-of-frame delimiter, header, optional headers, data payload, cyclic redundancy check, and end-of-frame delimiter. Do not operate controls, make adjustments, or perform procedures to the laser device other than those specified herein.

Keep electrostatic-sensitive parts in their containers until they arrive at static-free workstations. Create a backup of the existing configuration file.

Verifying installed licenses. Dynamic distribution of traffic over available paths. Swedish notice Bortskaffande av avfallsprodukter frn anvndare i privathushll inom Europeiska Unionen.

Wear the straps on both feet when standing on conductive floors or static-dissipating floor mats. Disabling and enabling a switch. It is connected to a bridging component that.

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Este smbolo en el producto o en su envase indica que no debe eliminarse junto con los desperdicios generales de la casa. You can disable and re-enable the switch as necessary. International notices and statements. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment English notice. Initiate diagnostic tests via the command line, using a telnet session or a terminal setup with a serial connection to the switch.

Documents Similar To brocade. Copyright Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Environmental considerations. Povinnosou spotrebitea je odovzda vyraden zariadenie v zbernom mieste, ashtadhyayi pdf ktor je uren na recyklciu vyradench elektrickch a elektronickch zariaden. Battery replacement notice.

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This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with your other household waste. Can support up to devices and one fabric attachment. The time required to transmit a frame from the time it is sent until it arrives. Electrical considerations. The configupl command copies the switch configuration to the server, making it available for downloading to a replacement switch, if necessary.

Change the password when prompted by the switch. Universal Publishing Association. Identify the interconnect bay number where the switch is installed. See also zone, zone configuration. The minimum time a target waits for a sequence to complete before initiating recovery.