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Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity

God is doing what we read about in the Bible. Dear sir Thank you for your good jobs for doing khmer Bible.

Paul's Letter to Christians in Rome. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The original Hammond literal translation has been compared to a hearty oriental chicken dinner while the modern Cambodian paraphrase is more like steamed white rice. We see that Christianity is having an impact. After Tieng became a Christian, her Buddhist parents and siblings teased her for saying grace before meals.

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Bible translations into Cambodian

At a small Baptist church in Kampong Thom province, a teenager shares her testimony through teary eyes. Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity.

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She hid her books in a black plastic bag when she went to church on Sunday, telling them she was going to study. If you have a copy rights it is appreciate. Please continue to pray for us because nowadays we are updating for our Khmer Bible Soft to the new version.

However, since it is a story so estranged from Buddhism or Folk Religions it requires well trained helpers to explain the meaning of salvation through the death of Christ, for example. Contemporary worship music blares through a buzzing amp, followed by a traditional Khmer hymn accompanied by a twangy guitar. Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity How the Southeast Asian country went from an underground church to a church-planting boom. Join the conversation on Facebook. Other hand, please continue to pray for us for updating the New Version of our Khmer Bible Electronic.

Cambodians Usher in a Miraculous Moment for Christianity

While persecution still percolates in other Southeast Asian countries, Cambodian Christians enjoy a promising sense of openness from leaders and neighbors. This background helps him know what fellow Cambodians are thinking through, nitro pdf editor software free full version he said. Many well respected Cambodian-speaking pastors in Cambodia and elsewhere are sternly warning their people to stay away from it. Hammond's translation of Khmer Bible is finally published.

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Hammond completes translation of New Testament. This would be a great help not just to me but as well for our media at church. Unlock This Article for a Friend To unlock this article for your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below. See also A Language in Crisis.

Really, really well-done, fascinating! New categories aim to highlight the areas most desperate for the gospel. The only other Biblical book bearing the name of a woman is Esther. More from this Issue Read This Issue. Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.

They come with university degrees and richer theological training, making them in some ways better prepared to bring depth and discipleship to the growing body of believers. Notify me of new posts by email. Instead, he instructs them to study Scripture and see what God says. How to do get the permission to use your online scriptures? Lim first heard this message at the refugee camp where he escaped the Khmer Rouge.

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Bible translations into Cambodian

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Billy Graham Church Leadership Abuse. Your email address will not be published. Inside the Torah - Exodus. This article is from the June issue.

They trained local pastors, translated the Bible, and conducted ministry in villages for decades. Against the Law, it is hurt yourself. New faith forces Cambodians to rethink their relationships, and in some cases to choose between God and family. Sir, your efforts are highly appreciated.

On occasions, I have corrected translation inaccuracy vis-a-vis the English New International Version. Across denominations, leaders repeated to Christianity Today during a visit last fall that this is the time for big plans and big prayers. About human suffering and why God allows for it. Click here for the highest authority to use and understanding rules of punctuation. Bible translations by language Khmer language.

Joe Kong providentially left his job as a government forestry official a month before the revolution. Between a crusade in a packed government theater in Phnom Penh and going door-to-door in far-off villages, his team added new believers in three weeks.

King Solomon's Song of Songs. Can you point me in the right direction? By then also the Cambodian Church had become self-supporting. Rob Norris on the Prophet Joel Nov.

Has Science Discovered God? Many older Christian leaders trace their faith back to their time as refugees. Hi Visal, Yes, previously we hosted the file because your web-server went down, but I have changed the links to direct everyone to download it from your site. The members promised to return to the church and write their names on the wall to let each other know they survived. This transition, like Moses passing along leadership to Joshua, marks a crucial moment in the history and growth of the Cambodian church.