Coraline Doll Pattern Pdf

The pattern is easy to follow and nothing is overlooked. One of the best sewing groups I belong to. The directions are easy and very clear to follow! They are easy, fast and look beautiful.

It is super quick to work up and the directions are incredibly clear and easy to follow! Thank you so much for this pattern! Hello, Sharon, I'm new at blogging and crocheting.

Coraline was a very quick sew and came put amazing. Instructions are easy to follow.

Eg which pieces of the hood are sewn to which part of hood panel. If you could answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. This is such a great pattern! The zipper is not difficult, but that step could be written better- it almost sounds like you should be flipping and top stitching.

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There are so many options to customize the bag to truly make it your own. This pattern has been revised and is now easier to make, for the updated and easier pattern click here The pattern below will no longer will receive pattern support if needed.

You might want to take a look. My sister won't stop bugging me to make her one! The patterns are so easy to follow, so well written, there is so much online support with the Facebook group, and Alicia is always around to answer questions!

The rest of the materials were scavenged from around the house. Thank you for the pattern. The flesh coloured fabric has been in my fabric bag for years, scraps of things made long ago. Highly recommend the Coraline pattern!

Ravelry Amigurumi Doll Coraline pattern by Crochet Cute Dolls

Add a review Click here to cancel reply. Sharon, I made my legs indepedent from the body. You can easily make it into everything from a wristlet to a cross-body bag! Hi there Im having difficulty with the head.

At times, it's a toss up between Coraline and The Other Mother when it comes to my favorite character from the book. When you buy Coraline it is like buying four patterns in one! Coraline is relatively quick to sew, s jj abrams pdf making it a wonderful handmade gift! It was my first doll pattern.

Thank you, I appreciate that! Oh was there any response to this as i hav to machine and wud hav to hand stitch. If you are new to sewing handbags, this is a great one to start with.

Hi I have made the doll, jeans, shirt and skirt for Coraline, but I am having difficultly following the instructions of the rain coat. Through observation I learned a few doll making tips and techniques along the way.

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All of the Swoon patterns are exceptionally well written and well illustrated. Apologies for the delay in replying! She takes a small amount of fabric and hardware, which is always a plus. Seriously, and easy to understand.

My daughter wants to give a gazillion of these to her friends now too. She was absolutely thrilled with them both. This is a fun and wonderful clutch to make. Making a lot for Christmas gifts. Hello May I ask something?

Fabric 14 Coraline Doll Pattern (Free )

Amigurumi Doll Coraline

They go together so quickly and make fantastic gifts! My daughter is crazy about Coraline and it is so hard to find anything, she will be so so excited when I show her them! Thank you so much for sharing them xx. The finished product makes great gifts and with three variations and more in the Swoon Facebook Group the world is your oyster. The instructions are very detailed, making it an easy sew.

It really works, thank you for sharing! The way you did it looks simple enough. The Coraline offered many options so that I could customize each wristlet to each of them. Keep me posted on how everything goes for you! What started as a private online storage place for recipes and photos has evolved a life of its very own!

Thank you so much FiberTech Guy! What is not to love about this pattern? One thing that would be nice would be if the pages were numbered. The zipper is especially easy to put in. It was a well written pattern with easy to follow directions.

The pattern is well written and comes together nicely. Just sewed up my first Coraline clutch last night which quickly led to another one! The Coraline wristlet was my first Swoon pattern. Once you have an idea where one leg will go just sew in right onto the body using a length of yarn the same color as the legs and a yarn needle. Coraline was my first Swoon and I love her.

She will be soooo pleased. How wonderful to read your message today Opal!

Fabric 14 Coraline Doll Pattern (Free )

We tag team the customer with dress and matching bag. All three options include a recessed zipper and can be casual and cute or formal and chic. Maybe next week I'll get it finished. Great pattern if you want to try recessed sippers for the first time. With all the possible variations, you can use this pattern for any situation!