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The examiner will present two pictures that are similar but have some difference. They listen to five short conversations between a male and a female voice. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.

It provides students with a variety of templates, characters, and prompts for building their own comic strips. They must think of a word to write in each gap. Below the text there is a box with some pictures and some words.

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Standardized tests for English language University of Cambridge examinations. Cambridge English Language Assessment has also launched computer-based tests in some countries. The printed test booklets use American English spellings and vocabulary. The placement test is computer adaptive. On the test booklet there is a form or page from a notepad.

Candidates receive their certificate three to four weeks after the test or earlier. Next to the text is a box with words. Tests for people of any age can seem a threat or, at the very least, an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Our pretesting research is ongoing so that we can keep the test up-to-date. Students need to choose a word from the box and copy it into each gap.

In addition, difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication pdf computer-based tests are being launched on a country-by-country basis. The Speaking test has five parts. This provides learners with a wider availability of test dates and faster results.

Students have to put the jumbled letters in the right order to make the word. All candidates receive a certificate. These include animated stories, scripts, songs, lyrics, character masks and letters to parents. Everything the first speaker says is in the right order.

Under the text is a box with labelled pictures. This involved further consultation with test centres, teachers and examiners. Different test centres offer different dates to take the test. As students go through the test, the level of the questions adapts to their answers.

Candidates take all their test papers within a period of five days, with the Listening paper always taken before the Reading and Writing paper. Students read some definitions and decide which picture matches each definition. On the right-hand side there are six definitions. Type your message here and remember to include your contact details if you want to hear back from them! For each gap there is a choice of three possible answers.

You have visited an off-site link, click here to return to My Tests. Results are reported using shields as an indication of how well the candidate has done in each skill.

What results does the test provide? In the computer-based test the learner responds to audio and visual prompts, and will answer a few warm up questions to get them used to interacting with an animated character. This means each student is tested at the right level of challenge. There is a question about each dialogue and students choose which of three pictures gives the answer to the question.

From this page you can download the test itself, audio files and Teacher's notes for each test. They will also be asked to draw a simple object and write a short word somewhere in the picture. There are seven names around the picture.

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Each paper is worth a third of the total marks. There are seven sentences about the story. They draw a line from each name to the correct person in the big picture.

On the left hand page there are some pictures of named people, named places or objects. Then they look at two pictures, which are similar but have some differences. They may also be more motivated if their work is put on display.

Once the resource is approved, it will be made public and you will receive a notification on your Activity screen. Every question is bright and colourful.

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Both formats of the exams have the same task types, topics, number of questions, timings and marks. Students need to bring colored pencils or pens red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black, brown and gray and an ordinary pen or pencil. There are questions for each of the pictures. Twenty years on from the initial development work, the tests have been updated again.

There is a form or notebook page with some missing words gaps. They must choose the correct word from three options to complete each gap. Task instructions also need to be easily understood and should not require extensive processing or memory abilities. In each set one picture is different from the other three. Students have to draw a line from the name they hear to the correct person in the big picture.

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They will also be asked to draw and color a simple object and write a short word somewhere in the picture. But whether the focus is on spoken or written language, it is still the emphasis on meaning in context rather than on language form which is preferable at any age.