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Underline marks the selected text with underline. Currently, this app doesn't support inking, which is a must. Needs to be updated to match the Android version.

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Don't allow the lack of a catchy branded logo fool you, this is a professional product. Strike-Out marks the selected text with cross-over.

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User Guide Do not save to disk any captured images and video clips. User Guide In this user guide we'll go through the basics of the app application.

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User Guide Suction function may not perform well if dust bin is full. Trouble downloading with Starting download message A. One-finger tap brings the menu option or flip page depends on where it touches.

The Windows version is nice, but missing some of my favorite features still, but is much more enjoyable than the built in Reader app! This is a very basic reader. Compared to another readers, data manipulation with r pdf this is as quick or faster and even has page turning animations. Help other android users to get better gameplay.

Click Paste button to complete copying and moving. Im giving it a three star cause I know its potential.

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EzPDF Reader

Ensure theres enough space on your phone or tablet for the app to install. It scrolls up one screen full of image until it reaches at the bottom of the page, and then move the next page.

EzPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Hack Cheats and Tips

Meet more players and create a team! If you love mobile apps and games, this is the best place for you. Additional terms Terms of transaction. With this apk I have actually started reading once more.

Annotations can be freely moved and resized. Your apk is good but I have a feature request.