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Having Our Say is narrated by two female black sisters. Having Our Say is outstanding. One of my favorite parts of the bo I think that Having Our Say was a really good book. Sadie became an educator and Bessie, a Loved this book. The book focused itself on two women, how to convert word docs to pdf files women that had been alive for over years.

Having Our Say

Having Our Say The Delany Sisters First Years by Sarah L. Delany

By Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth

By Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth

They saw their father, who was born into slavery, become America's first black Episcopal bishop. This is a great book about two sisters and their whole lives. They saw tremendous change and evolution in the world, over the course of their lives. Two sisters of mixed parentage, both over years of age, share their observations on life from a unique perspective.

Having Our Say

My mom gave me this book to read when I didn't have anything to read a while back and I was intrigued but not sure how much I would enjoy it. But, it was really interesting to learn about the struggles of the sisters along the paths of their long lives and how they've overcome trials. The stories told by the two sisters carried me through a hundred years of families in the North Carolina and New York. Sometimes I think it's my meanness that keeps me going.

Strong willed, great work and personal ethics, something everyone should aspire to be. Bessie and Sadie are example of African Americans extraordinary independent woman who passed many obstacles to be successful. They still live alone in their own house. Read more from the Study Guide. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth is a work of non-fiction and therefore has a unique tone for a memoir.

Having Our Say Part I Chapter 1 Sadie Summary

Though warmly skeptical of each other's style, they remain devoted. Henry and Nanny stressed it and perhaps more importantly, practiced what they preached at every opportunity. The two sisters had been alive since s to the s, Both believing that they still lived to keep one-another living, even after years. The sisters saw the book as their opportunity to tell about their family's history, not as a black family, but just as a family who strived to do right by each other and the community. The Delanys are a testament to their upbringing and worked hard to do as they were taught in regards to being good, productive people.

Having Our Say The Delany Sisters First 100 Years Summary & Study Guide

The journalist who edited their stories deserves credit, too. Nothing would stop them from doing what they wanted to do in life, not even racism.

And the pictures are interesting, in that they're family photos that also reveal history. How many folks are you acquainted with who are over one hundred years old? It's a short book, so they don't go into things in too much depth, but it's told with wit and honesty.

If one of these incredibly bonded sisters died, what would that mean for the surviving sister? This was ingrained in both long before they became an evangelical family. It is a chronicle of remarkable achievement. Hearth explains her role in the preface and also provides a brief contextual note for each section, and then each chapter is labeled with which sister's voice it is. It is a captivating oral history by two sisters who lived to be over years old.

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The sisters also relay their view of things as they were e. This section contains words approx.

They say whatever they think. Both sisters have a great outlook on life and this is such a wonderful and must read.

Reading about the Delany sisters and their family makes it impossible to jump to any quick conclusions about the experiences of African Americans. Their observations and way of life are most interesting. Both went to college at St.

Another one of my favorite parts of the book was during the Jim Crow law section. Much of the book is devoted to race issues.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when they got an apartment with their other siblings in New York. Henry Delany and Nanny Logan Delany did something very few people did in the early s. This was a fascinating read.

What a folksy, delightful and worthwhile read! These African American sisters lived through civil rights, the Depression, World Wars and Vietnam, as well as some personal family tragedies. Loved the story of these spunky sisters! It was read by Whoopi Goldberg who did a great job of narrating the story about the two black Delany sisters who managed to break racial and gender barriers in the early s.

Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Their father was born a slave, and their mother's parents - a mulatto woman and a white man - couldn't marry because state law forbade it.

Along the way they met such legendary figures as black leaders Booker T. Sadie became an educator and Bessie, a dentist. An enjoyable and uplifting read. Particularly memorable on the Harlem Renaissance. In addition, I like the way they grew up with love and their beliefs and strong faith in lord.