Indian Arbitration Act 1940 Pdf

The arbitrator shall be appointed in such manner as may be agreed upon between the parties. Provided that the Court may set aside any appointment as sole arbitrator made under clause b and either, on sufficient cause being. The Court may by order modify or correct an award- a where it appears that a part of, the award is upon a matter not referred to arbitration and such part can be. Provisions as to appointment of three or more arbitrators.

Provided that any time so fixed may be extended by subsequent order of the Court. Reference to arbitration by some of ht parties.

Indian arbitration act 1940 pdf

Power to party to appoint new arbitrator or in certain cases, a sole arbitrator.

Agreement that arbitrators be appointed by the third party. Judgment in terms of award. Power of Court to pass interim orders. Winner of the Agami Prize for democratising access to law. Power to Court only to enlarge time for making award.

Appointment of arbitrator. Grounds for setting aside award. Act to apply to all arbitrations. Provided that nothing in clause b shall be taken to prejudice any power which may be vested in an arbitrator or umpire for making orders with respect to any of such matters. Application to file in Court arbitration agreement.

The Arbitration Act

Arbitration agreement not to be discharged by death of party thereto. Authority of appointed arbitrator or umpire irrevocable except by leave of Court. Power of Court to modify award. Small Cause Court not to have jurisdiction over arbitrations save arbitrations in suits before it. Power to stay legal proceedings where there is an arbitration agreement.

Provisions in case of insolvency. Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Saving for pending references. Power of arbitrators to make an interim award.

Save as otherwise provided in this Act, java passion pdf the provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all arbitrations. Arbitration agreement or award to be contested by application.

Power to High Court to make rules. Power of Court to issue processes for appearance before arbitrator. Provisions applicable to arbitrations under this Chapter. Bar to suits contesting arbitration agreement or award. Power to supersede arbitration where award becomes void or is set aside.

Effect of legal proceedings on arbitration. Provisions implied in arbitration agreement. Application of Act to statutory arbitrations.

Indian arbitration act 1940 pdfIndian arbitration act 1940 pdf

The provisions of this Act shall be binding on the Government. Procedure and powers of Court.

Parties to suit may apply for order of reference. An arbitration agreement, unless a different intention is expressed therein, shall be deemed to include the provisions set out in the First Schedule in so far as they are applicable to the reference. The authority of an appointed arbitrator or umpire shall not be revocable except with the- leave of the Court, unless a contrary Intention is expressed in the arbitration agreement. Short title, extent and commencement.