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Why government is maintaining silence in this great issue. Before taking any legal action against him we should think about making social pressure on him for deleting aur hadling over those pics. It was about the hacking of the website of the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai Police by some miscreants. World is full of bastards you never know who is sitting next to you. Or Government should block these sites.

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In Simple way we can say that cyber crime is unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both. Vivek Tripathi Useful Links. Please help me in getting my money back. This is done by culprits either by taking secret recordings of men and women involved in family relation husband and wife or by stealing videos and photos from mobile phone they get for servicing. Stay safe and do keep your elders informed in this.

All he would need is a laptop computer and a cell phone. Bittu I m a medical student and i havea laptop i live in hostel so everyone in hostel uses my laptop for checking email fb or to book ticket or for study purpose. The next day it was passed by the Rajya Sabha. So as a result our country will get spoiled. It also defines cyber crimes and prescribes penalties for them.


Upcoming Challenges In Cyber Law. Cyberspace handles gigantic traffic volumes every second. Government knows everything happening in our country. Some are also committing suicide.

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Dear Sir, i had an employee for conductig online training for students and provided with proper software and allowed him to deal the client putting trust in him. This section is applicable for oftware iracy in cyber space. Amazing Article, worth reading.

Culprits are not only stealing videos but also uploading these videos in online porn sites for money. He committed that he has all the stuff in Original and doin his marketing thru Internet on Olx. Many do not want to face harassment by the police.

Cyber Laws IndiaVinay arora

Cyber Laws India

Is this a ciber crime if yes then under which section it will fall. So mujhe kya karna chahiye. However, given that none of these fields are open for wide and vivid interpretation, thus may be subject to individual conscience. Cyberspace is an intangible dimension that is impossible to govern and regulate using conventional law.

Police has to ensure that they have seized exactly what was there at the scene of crime, is the same that has been analysed and the report presented in court is based on this evidence. Sir, what can we do when we are feeling we are under any spy camera surveillance in our house or office etc. Shantaram Naik opposed any changes, saying that the misuse of law was sufficient to warrant changes.

They do not reply phones and email. Programs that multiply like viruses but spread from computer to computer are called as worms.

Internet has become a potent media to vent out all the obscenity in the minds of oppressed Indians shielded by their Hippocratic cultural beliefs. Daily s of videos of innocent Indian women are getting uploaded secretly in porn sites. The Indian Telegraph Act, discapacidad intelectual moderada pdf allows the government to tap phones. The computer is used in each and every sector wherein cyberspace provides equal opportunities to all for economic growth and human development. Cyberspace has complete disrespect for jurisdictional boundaries.

And after making any misuse what u can do other than filing a case against him under charge of defamation and it act? The appropriate Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare that any computer, computer system or computer network to be a protected system. Please take action immediately to protect our brothers and sisters.

Please brief me about this issue. The laws apply to the whole of India. He also has records in his laptop what he did. Those naked videos are videos of our daughters and sisters. Amit I am getting some defamation e-mails from a known person neighbor who is also distributing those e-mails to other neighbors.

Shaheen Dada Case of her mentioning a status on facebook and the chronology of events thereafter created a furore in the country. They are just using other Brand name and doing their own manufactring of Denim and Shirts.

It is also an anti-spam law of India. They download videos and photos from the mobile phones they receive for servicing. Many unmarried girls and minor girls are taken videos secretly and the videos are being uploaded to dishonor them and blackmail them. If not we will upload these videos online.

Please do this for a great turning point in our country. There is something called cracking of email password which is not even close to hacking but can be used against anyone. When the Girls or family comes to know that their nakedness is available online in porn sites they are committing suicide. He is a charismatic and hobbyist Author.


Technical Aspects Technological advancements have created new possibilities for criminal activity, in particular the criminal misuse of information technologies such as a. Email spoofing Email spoofing refers to email that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source. How I can stop these things thru the help of law?

Criminal Writ Petition No. Conclusion Internet which came as a use full aid to business and education has now fully blown into an entity which has its own existence, its own social aura and tenets. When the affected family come to know that their naked videos are available in internet then to maintain the family dignity or status and because of shame the family members are committing suicide.

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Due to increase in the number of netizens, misuse of technology in the cyberspace was clutching up which gave birth to cyber crimes at the domestic and international level as well. Notify me of new posts by email. Imagine the ordeal of junior level officer who probably never feels anything obscene when he is hurled abuses by his seniors or politician masters. The bill was finalised by group of officials headed by then Minister of Information Technology Pramod Mahajan. Cyberspace offers never-seen-before economic efficiency.

Consequently there is a false sense of complacency that cybercrime does not exist and that society is safe from cybercrime. Can it be proved legal in any way?


Fadnavis was replying to a query Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gorhe. So the husbands have no chance other that accepting their demand.