Megger User Manual Pdf

Megger products are distributed in countries worldwide. Further information on the options for Megger Download Manager can be found in the Download manager help files in the application.

The test is automatic and starts the test immediately on connection of a circuit. Battery And Fuse Replacement Charging with a reversed cell can cause localised heating and possible damage to the case. Weight Instrument and case. Should electrical noise be present it will cause a current to flow Default mode is breakdown.

Follow the on-screen installation instructions during installation process. The measured value transfers to the small digital display. Make another continuity measurement. Automatically warns of contact to a live circuit, voltage is displayed and testing is inhibited.

Megger user manual pdf

Megger MIT515 User Manual

Available features are selected to make testing easy and fast in a range of situations. Temperature effects Temperature coefficient. Step Voltage Test on the central rotary switch.

Dimensions Instrument and case.

Smaller readout displays leakage current. The test result will be displayed.

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Replace the cover and retaining screw. Enable or disable buzzer as required with resistance also displayed on the screen. The display will show the difference between the two values.

Megger user manual pdf

Allows user to select lower continuity range thus increasing battery life considerably. No need to test the fuse manually. Battery cells should not be left in an instrument which may remain unused for an extended period.


Burn mode is used to purposely create a carbon track in insulation to facilitate fault location. Transformer turns ratio test set. Also, fast detection circuitry prevents damage to the instruments if accidentally connected to live circuits or across phases. When using a screened lead the screen is plugged into the Guard terminal, diverting any leakage currents. This supersedes the test voltage display.

Weee Directive Measurement equipment may be safely connected to circuits at the marked rating or lower. This instrument is manufactured in the United Kingdom. If capacitance is large the circuit can take time to charge. Highest insulation test range available on the market, tesis de psicologia educativa pdf providing a superior range of measurement applications.