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But other evidence now was piling up on the desks of the Americans and the Europeans, who finally had to open their eyes. Eitan and his men drugged Avner, put him in a large crate, and loaded him on an Israeli Air Force Dakota cargo aircraft that used to fly once a week from Paris to Tel Aviv.

Mossad The Great Operations By Michael Bar-Zohar & Nissim Mishal

Bauer already knew that Eichmann had escaped from Germany after the war His wife. Hundreds of millions of Communists, inside and outside Russia, blindly worshipped Stalin.

He should have invited Matilda to come in and tell her the whole tmth. En route they passed through the crowded Shurja souk, an exotic market crammed with tiny dark shops, merchants screammg the praise of their wares, and narrow, crooked alleys.

We have money and weapons, and we want to coordinate our operations. He married his sweetheart, and in the years that followed tumed to politics, became a member of parliament, a cabinet minister, and today is a venerated leader of the Iraqi Jews in Israel. Iranian officials promised that more arrests and executions would follow. But the fiall text ofthe speech was guarded, as if it were a state secret.

These missions shaped Israel's fate and, in many ways, the fate ofthe world. At the airport, two well-dressed gentlemen were waiting for the lady. Hoping to obtain the approval of the Egyptians, the West pressured President Mubarak, its best ally in the Arab world, to step down. When Israel left the Nativ man's wife, they clung to him like shadows. While he hid at a friend's house, the daring plan was put into action.

The ramsad ordered them to leave the body on the plane and told the pilot to take off again. He admitted to being impressed by Avni's demeanor and political savvy. Bauer was convinced that she had joined Eichmann and her second marriage was fictitious.

At the end of October, Captain Israel went on a two-week leave. At first, Israel's leaders who were in the know indignantly dismissed Be'eri's accusation. But Nick didn't miiice his words.

The cops didn't even try to chase him. At that time, a mammoth airlift was underway, bringing the entire Jewish community fromlraq to Israel, via Cyprus.

Frustrated Mossad officers, who were retired, ran to the media with their gripes, and Dagan was under constant fire. In the s, for example, Mossad worked closely with the Shah's Iran, helping train its security forces. With the help of its British and American allies, x-plane pdf the Mossad had also eliminated five nuclear scientists. But was the year of the greatest setback for the Iranian nuclear project.

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His coffin was carried by Revolutionary Guard officers. Shortly before leaving Israel, he had done a favor for his cousin who had fallen iU, by taking his place as a waiter in a cafe near the military governor's compound.

After a week of torture, the Iraqis decided that NissimMoshe was a nobody and released him. He got in touch with the Pakistani embassy, which represented Iranian interests in the United States, and asked to be sent backto Iran. Fereydoun Abas si-Da vani, another major nuclear scientist.

The United States put great pressure on Russia and Qiina to cancel their agreements with fran. These are heavy prices to pay for operations that have not always proffered rewards. And more so than ever before, the Mossad's intelligence gathering and operations affect American security abroad and at home.

But when they reported the incident, allhell broke loose. He had forgotten all about the accident in which he had been involved some months earlier. Those left behind were not so fortunate. Israel was left with no choice but to launch an all-out undercover war against the franian nuclear program After sixteen years of colossal ignorance by his predecessors, Dagan decided to act. And so, while an army of Iraqi agents were on full alert, searching for him, Zaki Haviv was paying his debt to society in a Baghdad jail.

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But before the officials could act on theirplans, the Iranian revolution transformed Israeli-Iranian relations. Taggar demanded that his body be sent to Israel.

Staring at Dagan, he pulled its pin. The ramsad hadn't the slightest shred of evidence against him, only suspicions, not even a hint of proof that Avni was a spy. They married when he recovered.

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Katzwas Manor's personal assistant. They would then be able to identify him as Zaki Haviv, and this time it would not be a two-week sentence.