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Do you have noisy neighbours? The festival takes place in one of four cities in India. They asked Mr Kajiyama to join their party and so he followed them into the pub. But life hasn't always been easy for her. You travel on a Russian ship, Kapitan Khlebnikov, and the holiday lasts for just under a month.

Who's the most intelligent person in your family? Write the letter in the box. Singers don't have to have the nationality of the countries they represent. The island of Quilalea is off the coast of Mozambique and the only inhabitants are turtles and a few tourists. Tourists also buy all paintings and photos of the beautiful British believe Relax Come look time Wow nice problem countryside, especially the Scottish Highlands.

The man who works and is not bored is never old. Who's the best-looking person in your family?

Write one word in each space. Then match the questions and answers. The next morning he took a taxi to the airport and flew to London, but he was too late for his meeting. Say them in your language. In the back garden there's a heated swimming strange adjective pool with a wonderful terrace for sunbathing.

The people on the bus helped Mr Kajiyama with his bags and found him a seat. John's wife and one of his daughters prefer to live in London. Tea and biscuits A These mugs are quite cheap.

Use was, were, wasn't, or weren't. When do you usually relax? What do you think they mean? How much water do you usually drink?

Translation Mr Watson, come here. Then write them in the correct place in the form below. Can you phone tomorrow, please?

New english file. Elementary workbook

Then complete the sentences. You More Words to Learn c Complete the sentences. To be or not to be, that is the question. Fly high ideal adjective plan verb go camping verb This is probably the most expensive holiday in the world. Have you been to a restaurant today?

My name's Thomas, but people call me Tom. They're from Student's Book p.

Lunch is included in the course. Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun It's my piano.

English File Intermediate Tests. Innovations Elementary-Workbook. New Total English Intermediate Workbook.

Total English Elementary Students. They speak English and Portuguese. Do you speak English well or badly? Elementary workbook Home New english file.

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New English File Elementary Student s Book ebook pdf online download free

More Words to Learn b Complete the sentences. It is totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes. Turn right at the traffic lights.

New english file. Elementary workbook

Siberia is the place in the world. When's your mother's birthday? Films should have a beginning, a middle, and an end - but not necessarily in that order. What do you think of horror films? He thought he was on the Word right bus until they stopped at a pub and everyone got off.

With some people, julesange pdf the rest is collagen. Where do you like listening to music? He had a meeting the next day in London and he wanted to catch the evening flight.

Download PDF New English File Elementary Workbook Free Online

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