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It's a shame Clarke didn't have the energy or desire to completely rewrite the book and create a new Profiles of the Future fully informed by s knowledge. Be the first to ask a question about Profiles of the Future. Arthur Clarke had some excellent ideas about the future where he got it very close, which means that people can predict trends of the future by careful analysis of today's technology. Each one deals with a single theme, such as transport, and explores what it means for our future, where current technology might take us and what could be the limit to what we can achieve. All the innovation is in your pocket, and the vast digital universe we've built for ourselves, pdfescape free online pdf editor accessed by this new pocket appendage that we all possess.

At last, I could again be reminded that even those lauded as technological prophets are doomed to prophetic failure. My copy is a used paper back published in and already so many things have changed or not happened as predicted. On the other hand, he completely missed the digital revolution and the internet. The reminders of the limitations people put on future discovery is a good thing to remember. What we actually achieve depends on what we want, and that arises from cultural factors that are virtually impossible to predict.

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If you are interested in futurology and scientific prophecy, if you see this lying around a second-hand bookshop, it is worth picking up. Highly unlikely that we will develop both to perfection.

The whole X dating convention always looked so cheap and tawdry anyway. They are written brilliantly, not too technical or scientific, but with enough that you can follow the arguments I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I wasn't disappointed. Interesting reissue with updates by science fiction author or should that be auteur?

That never really caught on, needless to say. Interesting to find what one corner of thought of the future now that we're in it, but this was my first experience with Arthur C. Extrapolations from current technology tend towards exponentiality. Flying cars and robot butlers?

Profiles of the Future - PDF Free Download

Profiles of the Future - PDF Free Download

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He details some of the most popular science fiction subjects, and presents a summary of the likelihood of each to come to fruition. Definitely worth reading though! The essays are at their weakest and their strongest when he oversteps this scope, and makes specific predictions. It is just the nature I had wanted to read this book for a long time after coming across Clarke's Third Law and tracking down it's source.

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Profiles of the future

Arthur Clarke does not discuss how different innovations will interact to influence the society, economy and politics as a whole. This also includes discussion on how innovations might occur which can overcome or circumvent Global Warming and so forth. It's a four for three reasons.

The name of this decade seems just as elusive, but at least it looks respectable. Clarke was obviously a very smart and deep-thinking man, and I believe I will try to read more of his stories in the future. Another mindbogglingly Arthur C. The predictions made by the author of the future are very imaginative and yet have a firm grounding on the laws of science and technology.

Second, some of the other important topics like control of climate would have been a great discussion in the book The author reasons why he has not taken up this topic in detail. First, the This wonderful book by Arthur Clarke envisages and speculates our future, without taking into account the time frame in which the discussed innovations might occur. It is self-steering, self-reproducing, and never goes out of style - and only a double-decker bus gives a comparable view of the scenery. Earlier we had barter systems, which was then followed by communism. The fact that he accurately predicted the cellphone mode of communication back then reinforces the credibility of the author's claims.

It is all good solid stuff about the future of technology and space flight, and the nature of the universe. The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. Clarke's knowledge of almost every aspect of technological advances past present and future. Gives a fun and scientific look into the world of well now.

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Clarke discusses technological discoveries as proposed by science fiction novels, many of which have become reality years later. Clarke never leaves his readers empty handed. Overall a very good and informative read!

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Presumably Clarke had it on hand while creating this edition, and added again the bits he thought worthy. We don't have large, ambitious government projects, we have a thriving ecosystem of nimble startups. Now we can see some of the predictions are exaggerated and beyond the time schedule, but there are some good ones too. Its probably not a book you can read end to end at one go as it all becomes a bit too overwhelming. But we wanted those technologies enough to find a way.

Entertaining, especially where he outs his own earlier erroneous projections and shares his corrected vision. This era colors many of Clarke's predictions, and is also the crux of most of his mispredictions.

Still, this is an easy enough read. You will be astounded by author's vision. Clarke, and I'm not exactly rushing out to find more. When a distinguished but elderly scientist says that something is possible s he is almost certainly right. Clarke wrote this way back, predicting possibilities for the future.

Each world will have to be an island. Now capitalism is predominant. Overall, a very good read.

Profiles of the Future An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible