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Download the free trial Now! You can, for example, concatenate different items for purposes of building a more flexible filename structure. Returns a Graphic object representing the picture in the center section of the header.

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How do I save an image PDF file as an image - Super User

Use the properties of LeftHeaderPicture to set the attributes of the picture. In both cases, the difference is in the use of the Worksheets collection and an index Worksheets iCounter to refer to the relevant worksheet. Provide a thorough introduction to how you can use Visual Basic for Applications for purposes of adjusting the page setup attributes. In some circumstances, you may find that making such declaration instead of simply using the Range. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

You don't necessarily need to hard-code all of the details in the Filename parameter. So doing it with Ghostscript directly gives you more control over the parameters used. Returns a Graphic object representing the picture in the right section of the header.

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Name property using the Application. This should just be at the top of this page. Orientation property for purposes of setting the xlPageOrientation value that specifies the page orientation. Download the free trial Now. Whenever you're working with Visual Basic for Applications, you can use the Page Setup object for purposes of modifying any page setup attributes.

Go into start menu to open this one. Use the properties of CenterHeaderPicture to set the attributes of the picture. This is the longest solution I've ever seen for this. Note on windows, make sure you install Ghostscript bit first. ExportAsFixedFormat method with its only required parameter Type.

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ActiveSheet and Worksheet. Note that, in my opinion, the information at the Microsoft Developer Network as of the time I'm writing this blog post has some contradictions. In the left hand of the document are three buttons.

If you're not familiar with loops, or wish to learn more about them, you can check out this detailed Excel tutorial about that topic. Returns a Graphic object representing the picture in the left section of the footer. GhostScript no longer has support for gif, but I can't imagine why you'd need that, what with png support. ExportAsFixedFormat method.

How to create a PDF from Screenshot or other Images

The following screenshot shows the Save As dialog box that is displayed by the GetSaveAsFilename method that uses the parameters above. You can see the displayed text of the Command Button is changed as below screenshot shown. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

Its purpose is to specify the type of file format to which the relevant worksheet should be exported to. You use the Type parameter to specify the type of file format to which the Excel file must be exported to.

How to save a webpage as a PDF

Therefore, in this second example, I include most of the parameters that you can use when working with the ExportAsFixedFormat method. In this particular situation, the Worksheet object is the active sheet ActiveSheet.

There's also pdfimages from the Xpdf tools available from the site of XpdfReader. That's what the tool is for. The value returned by Worksheets.

How to save selection or entire workbook as PDF in ExcelHow to create a PDF from Screenshot or other Images

The document will not be distorted and will look exactly the same as the original. ExportAsFixedFormat method above, the reference to the method must be preceded by a variable representing a Worksheet object. In this particular case, the filename that I'm using is quite simple and only includes the actual filename. For purposes of this example, I have prepared a sample Excel workbook. The With statement allows you to execute a series of statements on a particular object ActiveSheet.

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