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What has already been demonstrated during neuroscientific lab experiments is yet to be proven in the context of interactive works of new media art, computer and serious games. The reasons are merely two. Of course the Brain to Brain research is a newly-born scientific break- through and therefore currently far from being applicable in the arts.

We identify important performative and neuroscientific aspects, issues and challenges. The idea of using technology, sensors and computers to connect the human body to the Internet is not new in the arts.

Similar approaches can contribute to a new system of validation and evalua- tion, enabling further advancements in the field. Multi-brain Computer Interfacing.

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Mapping the information flow from one brain to another during gestural communication. In the case of perform- ers using laptops and operating software, the demonstration of liveness to the audience is a challenge approached in various ways. As we will discuss further on, the new wireless devices help the artists to overcome important constraints, but at the same time they also present new challenges.

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The sounds and images are projected on a screen and onto the performer. We endeavour to find potential evidence of temporal real-time brain-to-brain coupling, which to our knowledge will be the first time under the specific conditions.

Art and entertainment are undoubtedly at the forefront of imagination and creativity. In recent years, with the accelerating advances in neuroscience and biomedical engineering research, new low-cost devices which use wet or dry sensors have been developed. Examples of such works are presented in the following sections.

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However, today the field is rapidly growing and new approaches and definitions are requested. What kind of methods need to be developed and what tools to be used in order to investigate brain-to-brain coupling in the context of interactive works of new media art, computer and serious games? Are there specific conditions and cognitive tasks that could be proven more appropriate? In this case what kind of new connections and cognitive issues might emerge? Flow of affective information between communicating brains.

Enhancing human-machine systems with secondary input from passive brain-computer interfaces. Remember me on this computer. However, brain-to-brain coupling seems to be promoted more in conditions of collaboration, than in conditions of competition.

What role can the difference in the sensitivity of different subjects play? At the same time, it has enabled the development of the first computer games and applications, mainly for entertainment, and more recently serious games. Cooperation and Competition.

Of course we are still at the beginning and there are multiple questions arising. Performance in mediatized culture. In this frame, we examine a selection of representative works and artists, in comparison to the current scien- tific evidence. They can play either by competing against each other or by collaborating, accounting principles 10th edition pdf free in which case their brain activities are combined.

In this way, we attempt to make physically apparent and visualise in a meaningful way the predominant underlying on- going processes and maybe a potentially achieved temporal brain-to-brain coupling. Uni- and multisensory brain areas are synchronized across spectators when watching unedited dance recordings. Observations like these can open a dialogue with behavioural studies, which can further advance the field. No input device was provided, but the participant could communicate his intent to fire by imaging right hand movement. The game can be played by both a single-player, as well as multiple-players.

The performance with the under development system described here is due to be presented in the coming months and the results will be published accordingly. University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering. Marina Abramovic Institute. Open-source, custom interfaces and devices with live coding in participatory performance. On the one hand, the low-cost commercial devices have only recently been avail- able in the market, making the technology approachable to artists.

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What might be the influence of the environment, physical, digital or virtual, where the multi-brain interaction is taking place? Lopes, Pedro and Chippewa, Jef. They will be able to contribute to the advancement of the field and the creation of a greater and more validated area of investigation in discourse with other rele- vant practices. For example Bahrami et al. Neural Engineering, edited by Bin He.

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Optimally interacting minds. The model demonstrates the collective participation and co-creation of the mediatized elements of the performance. Consequently they are also enabled to consider all the different frequency bands, associated with a greater range of brain- and cogni- tive-states.