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Articles News Judiciary Notifications. Choose from below Online Classes. Unless there is such lender, the borrower will not be able to establish the act of borrowing in cash. This is the position even if no interest is paid on current account.

Section 269SS

This section gets applicable in following situation as per clause a, b and c. Finance is the important part and need of every business. Hence, it was held that no penalty could be imposed on such transactions.

Section ss & st of Income Tax Act - Anti-Black Money Step by GovtProvisions of Section 269SS and 269T under Income Tax ActTax Laws & Rules Acts Income-tax Act

If merely because of allowing cash receipt or cash payment, transaction is helpful in evasion of tax, then it is equally applicable to both parties. Loan given by relatives on Sunday for safe custody and for use in business.

How Section ss and t applies. Space N Place Promoters P. Penalty If any of the above provisions are violated then the penalty shall be equal to the amount of loan or deposit taken or accepted or repaid.

Therefore, restriction should be on both parties. Jag Vijay Auto Finance p Ltd. Where Depositors residing in rural areas are not having access to banking facility and are ignorant of relevant provisions of law, it would constitute bonafide reasons for payment in cash. Sir, If Interest on unsecured loan is credited, should we show in ss in audit report.

No repayment of any advance received in relation to a transfer of immovable property would be made except by the said prescribed banking channels if aggregate is Rs. If tax provisions are not understood properly or tax is not paid in proper time, it is enough to give you hypertension. Loan taken and repayment of loan in installments on oral agreements through cheques or online payment over two years how it should be regulated Sir?

Provisions of Section 269SS and 269T under Income Tax Act

For example if X is having loan of Rs outstanding to Y. All the companies and professionals must make necessary changes in their system to keep a check on all cash transaction to avoid penalty and prosecution under this provision. His council did not apprise him about the provisions.

Now, for cash consideration or repayment in cash the penal provisions will get attracted. The department treated these payments and withdrawals as violation of section T as they were made in cash.

Government has proposed the introduction of this new section to curb black money and bring by tax transparency among transactions. Hence, even the interest is not credited to the account section applies. Whether the provisions of above section applies to payments or receipt by way of journal entries. There are many sections under Income tax that governs the limits of cash transaction, let me highlight a few sections to elaborate on cash transaction and their respective limits. Unaccounted cash representing concealed income, in many occasions, when found by the Income Tax Authorities, mr.bliss tolkien.pdf the tax payers take the shelters of explaining the same to be a loan receipts.

Provisions of Section SS and T under Income Tax Act

The Calculation of Penalty is on the amount exceeding Rs. Therefore, prohibiting transaction in cash above certain limit will not solve the problem of suspicion. One may recall that earlier in case of S. Therefore, the person who made cash payment and the person who receive cash payment are equally situated and have similar position. Whether the provision is valid?

For such reason we find provisions for taxation of undisclosed money and undisclosed investments etc. If any of the above provisions are violated then the penalty shall be equal to the amount of loan or deposit taken or accepted or repaid. Ram can receive gifts in cash of an amount less than Rs. Rugmini Ram Ragav Spinners P. Therefore, if the sum being repaid is not in the nature of advance then the provisions of section T will not be attracted.

As per the provision of this section, any person can receive an amount less than Rs. You can also submit your article by sending to article caclubindia. By making such false entries or by giving false explanations or by creating false evidence, it is the borrower who was found to be evading payment of tax.

Hence, such entries have to be reported under this clause. The transaction may not necessarily have any concern with imposition and collection of tax and even evasion of tax.

But while taking loans and accepting deposits one also has to keep in mind the restrictions imposed under the Income Tax Act on the mode of taking such loans and deposits. His councel did not apprise him about the provisions. When a transaction is recorded in books of account, there is no case of evading tax. There is no end of suspicion by tax authorities and bureaucrats. The entries that relate to transactions with a supplier and customer will not be treated as loans or deposits accepted.

Section 269SS

Introduction of Section 269ST