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Rent from DeepDyve Recommend. The dictator of a country on the Caribbean Sea in South America, the General, is dead and his palace is invaded. The occupiers leave because they are afraid of an epidemic of disease. The General is able to outfox Jose by appealing directly to the people, and has the mob kill Jose. The Patriarch's idea of sex in the early part of the novel could be a metaphor for his idea of military power.

He attacks the women and has sex with them with his clothes on when he wants one of them. Then the General forms a new civilian regime. The General is very close to his mother Bendicion Alvarado, and together with her, he occupies the Presidential palace.

The decaying dictator who refuses to let go of his suffocating control even minutes before his long-overdue death is power's single embodiment for the country he dominates as well as for the novel. The General demands that she be canonized as a Saint. Later, she is sent to a suburban mansion, to keep her from making crude remarks about the General.

Everyone in the Patriarch's mythical seaside kingdom turns inward to him as the sole, frightening source of power. Just as male potency comes to represent the Patriarch's political power, the inability to control eliminatory functions becomes an ingenious symbol for political incontinence. The people celebrate the ending of an era. The General at a certain point develops an obsession with a woman named Manuela Sanchez, how convert webpage to pdf who is the queen of the slums. The general's thoughts are relayed to the reader through winding sentences which convey his desperation and loneliness alongside the atrocities and ruthless behavior that keep him in power.

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Jose kills many people and sends their skulls to the General, which are first mistaken for coconuts. The narrator reminisces about the life and times of the General. Bendicion Alvarado, the General's mother, dies, and her body is displayed all over the nation. He visits Manuela with her mother and courts her, but she disappears at the time of a solar eclipse. The General finally dies, and the mob invades the palace.

The Autumn of the Patriarch Summary & Study Guide Description

The General is depressed and does not recover until he helps the capital city recover from a catastrophic hurricane. The General is old and weak, but still wants to get revenge on members of his High Command and other conspirators in the assassinations. The physical loves and conquests of the Patriarch are apt illustrations of more contrast between the two symbols. The antithetical incontinence is represented by excremental images. His last complaint is that he is forced to sell the Caribbean Sea.

One of the book's most striking aspects is its focus on the God-like status held by the protagonist and the unfathomable awe and respect with which his people regard him. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature. Famous First Words Listen. Despite the General's best effort, the pope's representatives refuse to canonize the General's mother and the General expels all the Catholic clergy from the nation. Copyright by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The Autumn Of The Patriarch

Her fiction, poetry and narratives have appeared in several periodicals, and her first novel. The General is mostly ignored after that, except that he still occasionally commits unnecessary crimes against innocent people.

The General's closest crony is the Defense Minister Gen. The book is divided into six sections, each retelling the same story of the infinite power held by the archetypical Caribbean tyrant. The clergy and the church are brought back, but Leticia becomes more and more greedy, plus she brings her greedy family to the country. The former occupiers have left the despot in place to run the nation and enjoy the whorehouse, as they say.

The vultures have invaded the palace when the dictator died, and then the common people follow in. During a long series of wars, known as the Federalist wars, the General becomes the Head of State of the nation.

There is a temptation on a first reading of The Autumn of the Patriarch to allow disgust at the innundation ofexcremental images to obscure the fact that the images are essential. Get The Autumn of the Patriarch from Amazon. The Autumn Of The Patriarch. The Patriarch is left to turn inward on his own body to explain the conditions of his reign.

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The product is a universal story of the disastrous effects created by the concentration of power into a single man. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

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Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Read more from the Study Guide. Jose eventually sets up a torture center and has more power than the General. The Autumn of the Patriarch from BookRags.

The Autumn of the Patriarch Summary & Study Guide

Translated by Gregory Rabassa. In this case the incontinent bowel intrudes on his most personal symbol of masculine power. He is also head of the Liberals and he is put into power with the help of the British Navy.

The Autumn of the Patriarch Summary & Study Guide

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Rodrigo de Aguilar, who he consults with often, and also is his partner for playing dominoes. Finally, the General hires a torturer and assassin from the old feudal regime, Jose Ignacio Saenz de la Barra.