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You will also find chapter summaries for handy review and a great index for getting back to the pertinent bits when you really need them. The knowledge that Robert Bergman has about growing cannabis is vast and worth reading in full. If you want to grow outside, then an entire chapter will teach you how to maximize the potential of your plants. It tells you how to prepare properly, how to dry and store your buds after the entire growth cycle, from seed to flower. However, although comprehensive indeed, the Marijuana Grow Bible by Robert Bergman could use some updating.

The final chapter discusses harvesting techniques. With legalization sweeping across the United States, this is now becoming less of a concern for growers. There are always risks involved. This book is a solid source for new growers needing an uncomplicated guide of the basic techniques required to be successful.

The author warns against drying crops to quickly, as well as the dangers of storing flowers improperly. Bergman covers everything from the dangers of over-watering plants to the importance of having nutrient-rich soil. That very minor quibble aside, there is a wealth of solid information, lots of glorious bud pictures, useful tutorials, bonus goodies like the regeneration info from J. It delves primarily with the Rosenthal-era of cultivators, most of whom have been growing indoors to hide their crops from authorities and maximizing space for optimum yield. It really is very simple and easy to use.

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How to Bungle Recreational Pot. Many of the tips and suggestions are similar to the indoor chapter, with a few variations to account for the unpredictable nature of the weather and pests found outside. Your email address will not be published. Thankfully, the genetics were hardy and the teeny bit of experience I had earned had humbled me enough that I was now willing to accept any and all advice to finish successfully. Other environmental factors can also affect your buds negatively.

His move from a cultivator to an author and founder of Ilovegrowingmarijuana. Growing marijuana has become a complicated endeavor that the real professionals attend college to learn.

Since pot is worth a tidy sum of money, the likelihood of thieves stealing your crops is high. It provides you with tips and suggestions to account for outside pests and unpredictable weather patterns.

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You will learn how to choose seeds, the differences between Sativa and Indica strains, and what to expect during germination. In just pages, it is obvious the author has been cultivating for decades.

Green, who originally hails from Ireland, certainly deserves his place in the pantheon of great grow authors like Ed Rosenthal, Jorges Cervantes and D. What is the grow bible for weed? If growing indoors, it will tell you all you need to understand regarding light, humidity, aeration, and more.

The brief guide offers four succinct chapters that cover the basics of growing cannabis from start to finish, from seed to harvest, with images to accompany growers through a variety of stages. The information presented in it is both easy to comprehend and replicate yourself at home or at work. It is a helpful tool for advanced growers wanting to manipulate potency, terpenes, flavor, smell, and effects of different cannabis strains. By the time I had opened this book, I was mid-veg cycle with my plants and I had already deprived them, baked them and over-nuted them.

Conclusion Overall, the Marijuana Grow Bible is a simple read. The author goes out of his way and beyond, simply to ensure that you have all the information that you could ever need easily available to you. It offers four succinct chapters that explain the basics of growing weed, from beginning to end and from planting to harvest. It contains stunning imagery to help you through its various chapters.

How does this bible stack up? The Holy Bible aside, there are wine bibles, cooking bibles, fashion bibles, watch bibles, and a whole trainload of car bibles. This grow bible for cannabis is handy even if you are cultivating legally.

Bergman covers the potential environmental problems specific to indoor growing, including diseases due to lack of nutrients. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is not the way of old anymore, which was throwing some seeds into the ground and watering it often. You will learn that each part of the growing process has a notable impact on the potency, appearance, and flavor of your buds.

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You literally have all the knowledge you will ever need at your fingertips. It is straightforward and easy to read, despite it describing in detail an extremely particular, delicate, and complicated process. You will also learn about the different pests, such as spider mites, as well as how to deal with them.

He has been growing cannabis for more than two decades in and around Amsterdam, beginning with just a small, home-based set up before graduating to industrial-sized grows. Culture Cannabis on the Wings of a Bird. Written for beginners, this book is a must-have for anyone growing their first cannabis plant or several. He began his career growing in and around Amsterdam, principles of modern company law pdf starting small at home before graduating to industrial-sized crops. The sheer effort he put into creating a brief yet comprehensive grow guide should be compulsory reading for all in the industry.

It covers every aspect of cultivation that you will ever need to know to grow your own huge buds successfully. The book walks you through the process systematically. What happens after the plant is fully grown is just as important as all the steps that lead up to it.

Growing weed is not particularly difficult, but growing gigantic buds is more of an art than a skill these days. Overall, the book is a simple read with easily digestible information. Bergman warns against fast-drying entire crops as well as improperly storing buds.

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Short, and this new edition keeps him at or near the top of that small list. Who should get the weed growing bible? The author packs over three decades of personal experience into this book and leaves no aspect of cultivation to the imagination. Make note that this is a reference for all growers, home and commercial, indoors and out and as such, it can only drill down so deeply into specific techniques. It is hugely popular worldwide.

People interested in growing their cannabis inside can learn about techniques that can improve the outcome of their plant. There is also information about pests and other environmental problems that are particular to indoor plants like spider mites and diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients.

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