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You can also use the open command to open files from Terminal rather than double-clicking them in Finder. You also get messages about Windows automatically resizing virtual memory. At the same time, I was coming to the conclusion that a book purely about commandline tricks would be perhaps the most boring book ever written. It keeps track of the changes in a database named dbdeploy and table named changelog by default that you add to your database.

If you find yourself doing this, you are working too hard for your computer. This technique is still valid, of course, but someone recognized that this was such a problem that they created a tool to solve it! You build it until it works, then forget about it.

In Eclipse, the keyboard shortcut provides a list of open buffers. One of the things that will probably worry your project manager when you want to automate some task is that it will spiral out of control. There is a way to mitigate this for some Windows applications.

Which is all fine, by the way, it is what makes us so unique and valuable. Make one project-based folder that has shortcuts and links for the entire project. Search allows you to find them based on the things in which they participate, not on their physical locations. Small changes to your habits can improve your health - without getting in the way of your work. What if your project lasts eight months?

String manipulation, which has traditionally been tough in command shells, relies on the String methods in. Sometimes you have to think outside the box or cubicle to get work done despite your environment. Rather than doing this by hand, I created an Ant file do to it. You download an experimental patch for the disk array that should get it to work with your operating system, which works but causes a problem with the video driver.

This book is about creating a remarkable career in software development. Your machine is about as useful as a brick while this is happening. There are no trite superlatives here. When I do the Spotlight search, I can choose the target in the toolbar at the top.

Recognizing the appropriate situation where one of them applies is half the battle. Enso is a launcher with some interesting added features. The cursor seems to follow their eyes.

How do we make sure our productivity level keeps being consistent? It is a much better way to organize your groups of files.

But if you understand why something increases productivity, you can recognize it all around you. As hard drives have gotten bigger and the kinds of applications and therefore the tools we must use have gotten more complex, the number of applications we use has exploded.

But sometimes you want more sophisticated searching capabilities. Dealing with constant distractions, both at your desk and on your desktop, can threaten your best contributions to your projects. If you are using an older version of Windows, you need some sort of symbolic link for indirection to operate Windows Vista now has a command named mklink that creates real symbolic links.

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Subversion is ultimately a command-line version control system, but lots of developers have created frontends for it my favorite is the Tortoise integration with Windows Explorer. They collected in many software projects experiences with good and bad management practice that have an influence on the productivity of the team. Now, on other developer machines, check out the new configuration and point a fresh install of Eclipse to it, using the Product Configuration dialog. Yet, the two major operating systems limit us to a measly single clipboard. This is a switch set in the properties of the command window that allows you to select text to copy with the mouse.

The Productive Programmer

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Enso takes over the pretty worthless Caps Lock key and uses it to launch applications and perform other tasks. In other words, TextMate has thought about sharing its bundles and has put them in a format that allows them to self-install on another machine. At one point, I worked on multiple projects, each one with customized macros. By default, it only gets files that were updated since the last mirror operation to avoid useless work. The code name was Monad, but when it shipped it became Windows Power Shell.

We eventually had to do it five more times, so we almost reclaimed the time we spent automating it. Then, you can automatically walk through the exact scenario they did, over and over, until you fix the bug. Developers should be able to make changes to code aggressively, to improve its structure and allow it to evolve.

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The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford (ebook)

Whether youre a beginner or a pro with years of experience, youll improve your work and your career with the simple and straightforward principles in The Productive Programmer. On the other hand, our brains can be so easily affected by our psycho-physical status, google free books pdf free that we easily find ourselves having seemingly unproductive days.

Thus, learning to perform operations at the command prompt means that you have a more effective communication layer between yourself and the machine. One of the constant headaches we face on projects that deal with data is the impedance mismatch between relational databases and object-oriented programming languages.

The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford (ebook)

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Becoming more productive involves finding a balance between pursuing productivity without gutting your current productivity I know, this drips with irony. The Really Smart Guys congratulated themselves as all programmers do when they can get a user to pipe down. The Productive Programmer. How do you achieve canonicality in software development? Canonicality refers to the practice of eliminating duplication.

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. Many claims are made about how certain tools, technologies, and practices improve software development. This is the shortcut area that appears on your task bar, typically beside the Start button.

It will copy all your My Documents files to the new location. If you must have documentation for all your code, it must evolve at the same time. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist.

The more efficiently you can find something, the sooner you can return your focus to the problem at hand. Quicksilver works via plug-ins, and a fair number of developer-centric plug-ins exist.